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This is the site of sunset lovers...

This is the get away from the big city's chaos and meeting of blue, green and history... This is the


Situated right near the sea, our Hotel is a stone structure built and decorated completely in an antique style.
It has a tranquil and peaceful environment where you can relax and feel revived under the cool shade of the olive trees...
ASSOS PARK HOTEL is at your service for 12 Months of the year, with it's bright shining sea, magnificent bay, private beach and wonderful view...


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Yenilendik !

Otelimiz, Yeni Sezonda; Titizlikle Yenilenmiş Odaları ve Genel Kullanım Alanlarıyla Siz Değerli Misafirlerimizin Hizmetindedir.


Our special beach which carrying BLUE FLAG with rightful pride is serving you uniqe sea and holiday facilities...


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