Assos History

Assos is fascinating place where nature and history merge into one.

Assos has different characteristics throughout the four seasons… It is ideal for those seeking silence and tranquility with its unspoiled nature and very clean air. It also attractive with is ancient history and typical architecture. Greek and medieval traces are still evident in the village. Assos is a fascinating place with its ancient city,bright shining sea and myths…

People migrated here particularly from the islands of the Aegean Sea as early as 1000 BC. Aristo ,one of the significant philosophers between the years 347-344 BC. Dominated first by Midilli’s then by the Persians,the Romas,the Byzantines and finally by the Ottomans,the Assos region has a rich history with the architectural,cultural and structural characteristics of all these states.
The Athena Temple was made on the highest summit of the Acropolis in 530 BC. One of the most important structures of the Assos ruins,when one looks at the sea from the top of this temple you will see the Agora, Bouleoterion to the East ,Baths,an Antique Amphitheatre and Gymnasium to the South. Behramkale Village founded on the outskirts of this temple is a natural wonder. It is enchanting with its medieval architecture. Hüdavendigar Mosque ,built during the 14th century in the reign oh Murat the first , is one of our numerous historical beaties. It stands splendidly on a high hill among the Assos ruins.

These are just a few of the numerous historical sights for you to discover in the region. Come and visit us so you can explore them at your leisure.